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Latanya's evil black book

17 July
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Yuki is a rat prince love
Made by gintoki_sama

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Made by thetornpapers at anime_colorbar

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Kyo Sohma is hot tempered
Made by thetornpapers at anime_colorbar

Kisa is teh cutest little girl ever!!!! Love

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Hatsuharu is smexy when black haru love
Made by gintoki_sama
I love Haru SO SO SO much

sumomo is dancing love

By lord_fluffy

Hey guys I am a 18 year old college student at UW Oshkosh where i am a "Frunior" or a Freshman/Junior its a long story. I get bored really really easy and I'm really sick of being stuck in Wisconsin. I really miss everyone in MINNESOTA really really really bad..... oh well. love you guys that actually read my junk

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